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Get your own Personal Trainer and Reach your goals ONLINE!​

How it works:
It's easy, just pick a plan below that is best suited towards your goals. Remember, it will be customized around YOU. Your needs, your timeline, your lifestyle. Not sure where to start or what plan to choose? No problem! Send Christina an email and she will help you get started. Join the many clients that have already reached success with Christina's plans.

All Plans Include:
*Email Support from your Fit Coach Christina
 -Weekly check-ins are required!
*Supplementation Recommendations and Guidance
*Custom Meal Plans, Macros for flexible dieting (optional)
*Custom Designed Strength Training and Cardio Programs
*Program changes every 4 weeks AND as needed in between
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​Lose Weight, Get Fit & Feel Great!

This plan is for those who want to lose anywhere from 15-100+ lbs. You will be taught how to eat and workout to lower body fat (and keep it off!) This plan is for men and women at any age and at any fitness level. All plans will be tailored to your individual needs and to keep you motivated!

*Minimum 12 week plan required

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best bikini coach, best personal trainer toronto
Get your Pre Baby (Or Better!) Body back!


This program is for women who are minimum 6 weeks postpartum.  The level of intensity will depend on your exercise history before and during pregnancy, but generally a slower start is needed as joints and ligaments are loose. Meal and training plans will be tailored around your new busy lifestyle as a mom!

* Minimum 12 week plan required

Compete in a Fitness Competition!
If you are thinking of competing in a fitness competition and are thinking of taking your fitness to elite level this plan is for you. From start to stage this plan will provide you with proven meal and training plans, photo analysis, suit selection, posing direction and all the secrets! All divisions and federations welcome.


*Minimum 12 week plan required

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Want to be a Fitness Model? Or just look like one?
Do you love the athletic look but are unsure on how to look like your favourite fitness icons? Learn how to train to create lean muscle mass and develop the toned look with this program. Get as muscular as you want with your custom plan! Want some extra motivation? This program will also provide you with knowledge on how to pick a photographer, book a photo shoot and modelling tips to capture images of your new fit body!

*Minimum 12 week plan required

No Gym? No Problem! Work out at Home!
If the gym isn't an option or if you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, this program is the perfect choice. Minimal equipment is needed to get great results and this program will guide you through fat burning workouts! This plan is great for beginners but the intensity can be tailored to suit the individual and equipment available!

*Minimum 12 week plan required

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Couples Plan: Lose the weight with your mate!
Plan to team up with your significant other, friend, parent, or team mate! This program is designed for you to work together to lose weight and live your healthy new lifestyle with each others support! This program can be customized to suit each individuals fitness level, for men and women of all ages.
Save money and register together!

*Minimum 12 week plan required

Bridal Bombshell

You just got engaged and are in full planning mode for your wedding, so now it's time to plan to look hot and fit in your wedding gown! This plan will get you feeling confident for your big day, providing you with meal and training plans that will work into your busy schedule. Get your man involved and upgrade to the Couples Plan!

*Minimum 12 week plan required

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Lose those last stubborn pounds and keep them off!

Those last 10-15lbs are the toughest to lose! Flatten your tummy and learn how to keep it that way with this plan! This program is perfect for both men and women who are stuck and are having hard time losing those last few inches and pounds.

*Minimum 12 week plan required 

Don't see your goals listed? Don't worry all programs are custom made, just let us know your goals and your plans will be written accordingly!
*Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free & Diabetic Meal Plans Available
*Please CONTACT for more information, pricing details & payment options
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