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-Business Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Published Fitness Writer/Expert, National Fitness Competitor & Fitness Model-

November 2013

Hi there and welcome to my page! I'm sure you're wondering who I am and what I am all about, so I am going to share that with you all here!

Growing up I was into sports; track and field, football, name it, but once I got into my last couple years of high school, any type of activity took a back seat to my social life and college prep. After a few years of this and then college life, (can you say freshman 15?!) I was left with some work to do to say the least! So I started working out at my local gym, and by working out I mean doing the EXACT SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN every time I went to the gym. Wandering from machine to machine and spending wayyyyyy too much time on the elliptical. Sure I made a little progress at first but then I got stuck.

Sound familiar? I was beyond frustrated and it seemed like I was just meant to have this body and to just deal with it. So I kept doing what I was doing at the gym and tried cutting my calories instead, living off pre packaged cups of soup and going hungry! But then I went to a friends fitness competition, saw all of these fabulously fit people and thought "Why not me?!". To make a long story short, soon thereafter, I decided to learn everything I could about health and fitness, got certified as a personal trainer and signed up for my first fitness competition. I took home my first, 1st place trophy. What can I say, I'm a tad competitive?



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Since then I have been able to make personal training my career, maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle and continue to push my body to new levels to compete. I love competing and love the focus it gives me as an athlete. It's the most amazing feeling receiving those trophies after all that hard work, but I am most proud of my clients. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are helping change someones life!

Thank you again for checking out my page and I hope to hear from you soon!

Your Fit Coach,

Christina with her second 1st Place Trophy - Nov. 2011

Competition History:

- Ontario Physique Association Ottawa Championships Nov 2011: 1st Place

- Ontario Physique Association London Championships Nov 2011: 1st Place

- Arnold Amatuers International Event Feb 2012: 10th Place

- Ontario Physique Association Open Provincials May 2012: 3rd Place

- Canadian National IFBB qualifier Aug 2013: 13th Place

- Ontario Physique Association Natural Timmons Championship Sept 2013: 1st Place & Overall

- Ontario Physique Association Natural Provincials Sept 2013: 2nd Place

- Ontario Physique Open Provincials May 2014: 1st Place


*Ontario Physique Association (OPA) is the equivilent to NPC and is IFBB Affiliated

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Oxygen Magazine July 2012 Issue
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Christina Barrett personal trainer toronto
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