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Bikini Competition Coaching

Bikini is becoming the most popular division in the fitness competition circuit. Every competition there are more and more women who are after that trophy, do you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?
With the BIKINI PREP PLAN learn what the judges are looking for. On the day of the show you want to know you did everything you could to prepare yourself so you can go on stage and show off all your hard work with no regrets! Christina will make sure you are confident and ready for show time, take your stress away and leave the details to her!
$250usd/mth or $650/12 weeks
Bikini Prep Includes:
- Custom Meal and Bikini Specific Training Plans from start to stage! (minimum every 4 weeks)
- Weekly Weigh-ins and Progress Pictures with Analysis (plan changes as needed)
- Supplementation Plan
- Suit Selection Guidance, Tanning Information, Hair and Makeup Tips
- Water depletion protocol and specific carb load direction
- Specific Competition Day how-to's, check lists and advice


Christina competing with the Ontario Physique Association

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Check out just a few of my clients
and their progress below!

bikini glute training

Christina's Before and after Nov 2011-May 2014

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Sarahs 8 week bikini prep!

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Janine progress pic, 1 year transformation!

bikini competition coaching

Sarah                  Jena                  Nicole

best bikini prep coach

Nicole and Jena on stage: 12 week bikini prep!

best online trainer

Carolyns 1 month progress in Bikini Prep!

bikini prep coach
best bikini prep coach

Kim 3rd Place in first competition!

Cindy 2nd place first competition!

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